Posts from October 2017

Mr L, from Nottinghamshire 
“For many years as a young adult, I was very anxious and avoided the dentist at all costs. I moved to see Christopher Holden at his practice in May 2003 and since then I have felt in safe hands and relaxed. It is so easy now that I literally hum in the chair!” 
"As a child l wasn't taken to the dentist and as a result l went through a lot of pain over the years and developed a phobia of going to the dentist. 
I found this practice who specialise in calming nervous patients and l have been going there for around 25 years and they have helped me over come my fears.  
Would recommend to anyone. 
My dentist Anita is a brilliant". 
"I would highly recommend Christopher Holden Associates to all, especially anxious patients.  
I just wish i'd made the switch sooner". 
As we all head back to work, school and nursery after the summer break, we reflect on how to care for our children's teeth as part of our busy schedule: 
10 top tips to care for your children's teeth 
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