Crowns can be used to restore the appearance of a tooth, or strengthen a badly broken or heavily filled tooth. Crowns are effectively a glove of material attached to what exists of the remaining part of the tooth structure. Crowns can be a definitive solution for many conditions. Not all crowns are the same. The three most important factors are strength, accurate fit and appearance. 
Crowns usually last for many years and can transform the appearance and function of a smile radically. 
Modern materials allow a natural smile. In the past porcelain was bonded to a fairly thick layer non-precious metal of precious metal alloy. Whilst strong these crowns tended to look somewhat dull often leaving a grey line at the gum margin. Newer systems such as Captek™, Golden Gate System, Techceram, Inceram and Cercon simply produce more beautiful crowns. This is due to new casting technology leading to improved fit, excellent strength and high bio-compatibility. These materials allow us to produce crowns with a soft, warm and natural look. 
Metal free crowns with materials such as Cercon and Techceram™, have advantages in the younger patient because younger people's teeth are more translucent and metal inside a crown can often dull that translucency. 
This is an area in which we excel and have many recommendations from satisfied patients. 
Crowns are part of every general dental practitioner's work and most practitioners have provided thousands but not everyone achieves the same result. A good crown can combine science, surgery, art and the skills of both the dental surgeon and dental technician. 
This is an area in which we excel and have many recommendations from satisfied patients. 
When one or more teeth are missing or need to be extracted the patient does not have to be left with an unsightly gap. Bridges are designed to fill the gap where teeth are missing without the inconvenience or lack of confidence that can be associated with removable dentures. 
A bridge is in essence a number of crowns fused together. Teeth either side of a space can be prepared and a bridge constructed. Bridgework is a predictable choice. Bridges are made of the same range of materials as crowns and the same considerations are required when choosing the type of materials for you. 

 We are a Denplan registered practice  

This is an alternative and cost effective method of obtaining quality dental care. As well as budgeting for quality time, this scheme has the advantage of accidental insurance and cover whilst abroad. 
If you wish to join Denplan please make this clear to the receptionist and dental surgeon and we will provide an assessment for you and guide you through the denplan registration procedure. 

 Our range of services  

Please tell us if you have any special needs. We have facilities to assist people in wheelchairs and for those who cannot cope with stairs. Please discuss any individual requirements with the dental 
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