This is the ultimate treatment for the replacement of one or more missing teeth. 
Tooth loss due to an accident, decay or periodontal disease (gum disease) can have a lasting psychological affect on most of us. The thought of a removable or plastic denture is unacceptable to many as is the preparation of perfectly good teeth to hold a bridge that is glued over them. 
Dental implants can be used to replace one or more teeth. Even people with no teeth can benefit from dental implants. 
Quite often people refer to "screw in teeth". Usually this refers to crowns that are screwed into the roots of teeth that have become damaged on the surface. Implants are used where there are no roots. 
The original scientific work was undertaken in 1965 by Professor I BrÃ¥nemark, of Sweden. 
Since then, over 450,000 patients have benefited from dental implants with the Branemark system. 
In our practice we use the BrÃ¥nemark Implant System and Nobel Biocare "Replace" system exclusively. The reason is simple. It is the longest established implant system with proper scientific controlled clinical trials. Today there are over a hundred implant systems available world-wide and we believe none have the track record of the Nobel Biocare systems. 
How does it work? 
Like all good ideas it is quite simple. A replacement titanium root is placed in the jawbone in the mouth. Most people recoil at the thought of this and ask whether it is painful or horrible. In reality a single implant is often easier than having a tooth out. 
The titanium is then left for "osseo-integration" to occur. Effectively the titanium becomes part of the jawbone with bone cells flowing over the implant allowing the bone and the implant to become one biological entity. Implants are not like screws driven into wood, there is a form of biological union between the implant and the jawbone. 
A second stage is undertaken later where a superstructure is placed on the titanium replacement root. The crown is constructed on this and the tooth has been replaced. 
Implants are not only very desirable but also very reliable. 
Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular and patients understand their value. For a good result it is important that the titanium replacement root is placed in the best position allowing for the most natural crown to be constructed. 
Many practices offer dental implants but most only provide the superstructure after the implant itself has been buried by another surgeon. In our practice we understand the best results for most patients are obtained by the whole process being undertaken by one dental surgeon trained in both aspects for the procedure. Ask your dentist if they are an option for you. 

 We are a Denplan registered practice  

This is an alternative and cost effective method of obtaining quality dental care. As well as budgeting for quality time, this scheme has the advantage of accidental insurance and cover whilst abroad. 
If you wish to join Denplan please make this clear to the receptionist and dental surgeon and we will provide an assessment for you and guide you through the denplan registration procedure. 

 Our range of services  

Please tell us if you have any special needs. We have facilities to assist people in wheelchairs and for those who cannot cope with stairs. Please discuss any individual requirements with the dental 
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