Tooth colour is genetically determined just like your hair. However teeth tend to darken with age and can become stained. Causes of tooth staining are commonly tea, coffee, red wine, some spicy foods and tobacco. 
Most stains can be removed by a scale and polish which can be carried out by a dental surgeon, therapist or hygienist. A prophy jet which is similar to a jet washer with abrasives can also used. 
Teeth whitening is a more thorough and lasting way to whiten teeth. There are essentially two methods that can be employed to whiten teeth, these are home whitening and in-surgery whitening or a combination of both. 
Please see our leaflet whiter teeth for more information about all of these treatment options. 

 We are a Denplan registered practice  

This is an alternative and cost effective method of obtaining quality dental care. As well as budgeting for quality time, this scheme has the advantage of accidental insurance and cover whilst abroad. 
If you wish to join Denplan please make this clear to the receptionist and dental surgeon and we will provide an assessment for you and guide you through the denplan registration procedure. 

 Our range of services  

Please tell us if you have any special needs. We have facilities to assist people in wheelchairs and for those who cannot cope with stairs. Please discuss any individual requirements with the dental 
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