Temporary filling kits are available from your pharmacy, however at present they are in high demand so there maybe a delay in being able to get one. We would advise that you attempt to replace the crown using this kit, if you are unable to access this product or are unable to replace the crown because it has broken you will need to leave the crown off. Your tooth may feel sensitive to hot and cold food/drink and in this case please avoid these. You maybe able to use some denture fixative to temporarily refix the crown. Unless the crown feels really secure it is best that the crown remains off especially at night as there is a risk you might inhale it into your lungs your sleep. 
It is extremely important to keep the tooth as clean as possible, do not allow food to sit in the area, make sure you maintain excellent oral hygiene and avoid eating any hard or chewy foods in order to protect the tooth structure. 
PLEASE DO NOT RECEMENT YOUR CROWN WITH GLUE. This could cause irreversible damage to your tooth resulting tooth loss. 
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