Dentures rubbing 
There are a number of reasons dentures may cause some discomfort. 
If you have recently had new dentures we would usually want to see you a few days after fitting to adjust or ease the dentures. It is common for new dentures to require a few adjustments following the initial fit. During this time we are unable to see you for routine care, if you have a problem with your dentures rubbing or causing pain, it maybe wise for you to wear your old dentures or simply leave the new dentures out until such time that we can see you. 
Some dentures may cause rubbing if they are loose, in this case the use of a small amount of denture adhesive or fixative may help stabilise the denture and relieve the discomfort. 
If you develop an area of soreness or ulceration it is a good idea to rinse your mouth with warm salt water. The pharmacy may be able to provide you with some mediation to put on the ulcer to relieve the discomfort, this is usually a topical anaesthetic gel. The ulcer should resolve in a few days once the source of the irritation has been removed. 
If you have an ulcer which last more than two weeks or is associated with swelling you should contact us on the emergency on call telephone number. Details can be found if you telephone the practice on 01246 230230. 
Broken denture 
During the pandemic most dental laboratories are closed so it will not be possible to arrange for the repair of the denture until the labs reopen, however as soon as they do we will be able to help you. 
If there is a sharp area on your denture and you wish to continue wearing the denture, filing gently with an emery board may help. 
Try and avoid hard or chewy foods to avoid further damage to your denture. 
Always remove your denture at night, this can help prevent damage as may people clench or grind at night. Also remember to clean your denture thoroughly everyday and after a meal. 
If you are having problems with your denture please email the practice and we will be able to give advise and book an appointment for the future.. 
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