Well.... daily routine has changed for us all! What routine I hear you say??? With no set meal times, no school for some, parents working from home, some working extra hours and shifts. It's easy for us all to let normal healthy eating and drinking habits slip. it's still important though to consider the impact of what we are doing on our teeth. And especially our little one's teeth. 
Whilst your children are at home, try to limit the number of fruit juices, smoothies and fizzy drinks they consume. As tasty as they may be, they harm teeth due to their sugar and acid content. 
Swap them for water or milk, which are tooth-friendly. Plus set an example, drink water regularly throughout the day to keep bodies and brains hydrated. 
Denplan have put together a really useful guide to choosing healthy drinks and snacks whilst still keeping it fun. Might be useful...... 
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