Dr Anita Patel talks about why gas and air for dental treatment can be a good option for children and some adults alike. 
"Here at CH&A we try to ensure that patients are made to feel as relaxed as possible during their dental treatment, howerver some patients who are very anxious may opt to have some form of sedation to help them cope with their visit. 
Relative analgesia (RA), often referred to as inhalation sedation or gas & air is a form of sedation which may be offered for suitable patients. It can be very useful for children who may require help with anxiety during treatment but it can be helpful for some adults also, especially for those who may have a severe gag reflex and/ or mild anxiety. 
RA is a mixture of Nitrous Oxide gas and Oxygen which is delivered through a comfortable fitting nose mask. The patients breaths the gas in during their dental treatment, the effect is a feeling of relaxation, tingling feeling and having a sense of floating. 
The effect of the sedation wears off within a few minutes once treatment is stopped. 
RA is very safe and effective method of sedation for many patients" 
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