We all like to think that when we visit the dentist we are in safe hands. But how do you really know? 
The Team at Christopher Holden & Associates (CH&A) care enough to make sure that our patients know they are in safe hands. 
How do we do this? We voluntarily put forward our practice for regular external, independent and extremely rigorous audit and quality assurance review. This is done via a scheme called Excel. 
Denplan Excel is a non- mandatory external audit, carried out by professional assessors who are also very experienced dental clinicians. The assessors visit the practice and over the course of a day talk to our team, check our equipment and facilities and investigate and examine all aspect of Practice policy, procedure, care, management, safety, personnel, training, certification, documentation, waste management and team audit. They also review the consistency of dental care provided, record keeping, infection control, adherence to current Health & Safety at Work requirements, conformity with regulations relating to taking x-rays and participation in continuing professional development by the team as required by the General Dental Council. 
The latest review of CH&A was completed on 16th August 2017 by Dr Peter King. Dr King was also accompanied by Excel's Clinical Governance Manager who essentially assessed him whilst he was doing his job. 
The total score achieved by CH&A at this year's assessment was 100.00% Whilst this is exciting in itself, figures provided by the Excel scheme also show that this is signicantly higher in all areas than even the best practices in the UK. 
CHA Denplan Excel results 16th August 2017: 
Infection control and decontamination 100% 
Management of emergencies 100% 
Radiology and radiation protection 100% 
Waste management 100% 
Practice management 100% 
Team audit 100% 
Practice certification and documents 100% 
Practice Manager Denise Harcourt has worked at the practice since 1993. 
"We work hard as a team to look after and care for each other, and for all of our patients. Denplan Excel is an external assessment tool that i can use as a manager to ensure that the practice is meeting the most rigorous clinical and legislative standards. Due to the independant nature of the assessment, the scores we are given by the assessors is as objective as possible and the resulting report is computer generated based on the assessors' findings; basically it cannot be fudged! Therefore i can be confident and reassure all of the team that we are continuing to do an excellent job, even when measured against the top practices in the country. 
By repeating this process at least every 18 months we can make sure that standards do not slip and that we are keeping ahead of legislative and technological developmenst associated with fast paced modern dentistry. 
it's good to know that we are doing the right things!" 
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