Patient controlled sedation is what it says! A drug is delivered into a vein controlled by the patient pressing a button. This has proven to be a very effective form of conscious sedation. It gives the patient control. It has inbuilt safety and it is effective. Some patients are concerned that it may not be adequate sedation as they will be "awake enough" to press the button and therefore not sedated enough to enjoy comfortable and adequately sedated care. Research shows that patients who chose patient controlled sedation are usually highly satisfied following treatment. 
What to expect 
•An intravenous line is placed in an arm or hand. 
•You press a button until you are adequately sedated. 
•The effects are powerful and comfortable. 
•You will only be discharged from the practice when the dental surgeon is satisfied you are safe to leave with a responsible adult. 
What not to expect 
•Patient controlled sedation does not produce general anaesthesia or oblivion. 

 We are a Denplan registered practice  

This is an alternative and cost effective method of obtaining quality dental care. As well as budgeting for quality time, this scheme has the advantage of accidental insurance and cover whilst abroad. 
If you wish to join Denplan please make this clear to the receptionist and dental surgeon and we will provide an assessment for you and guide you through the denplan registration procedure. 

 Our range of services  

Please tell us if you have any special needs. We have facilities to assist people in wheelchairs and for those who cannot cope with stairs. Please discuss any individual requirements with the dental 
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